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A birding mystery solved?

A few days ago I gave you a little mystery to solve. If you haven’t already looked at it and want to form an opinion first, the post is HERE. Otherwise, follow on for the answer. Advertisements

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Whodunnit? A birding mystery

A quick and slightly gruesome post now. At Scarborough we found the remains of a bird that had been predated. There were few bones, no body, just a pile of feathers and a couple of other clues. Interested? Then enter … Continue reading

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Monday Bird of the Week No.36 – Great-spotted Woodpecker

After featuring a couple of birds of prey, we move to one of our most popular birds, the Great-Spotted Woodpecker.

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Monday Bird of the Week No.35 – Kestrel

Another bird of prey today, another we see less often than we used to. A bird that was once synonymous with motorway journeys, hovering by the roadside. The Kestrel.

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Monday Bird of the Week No.32 – Black-headed gull

Earlier this year we featured corvids, birds that are not everybody’s cup of tea. This week we are back championing the underdog with the raucous and increasingly numerous Black-headed Gull.

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Where are our garden birds/songbirds?

“Where have all our garden birds gone?” I’ve noticed this question appear in the letters page of our local paper a bit this summer, and it has felt like a quiet one. So what’s happening? As always with wildlife, the … Continue reading

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