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A birding mystery solved?

A few days ago I gave you a little mystery to solve. If you haven’t already looked at it and want to form an opinion first, the post is HERE. Otherwise, follow on for the answer. Advertisements

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Monday Bird of the Week No.34 – Sparrowhawk

It’s been a while since Bird of the Week covered any of our birds of prey, so today we turn our attention to one of our most common. The Sparrowhawk.

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The world’s least subtle hunting technique

Many birds of prey are master hunters, capable of deploying speed, stealth and agility in a lethal combination that spells death for smaller birds and mammals. And then there’s this guy…

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Where are our garden birds/songbirds?

“Where have all our garden birds gone?” I’ve noticed this question appear in the letters page of our local paper a bit this summer, and it has felt like a quiet one. So what’s happening? As always with wildlife, the … Continue reading

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