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Monday Bird of the Week No.37 – Chiffchaff

Once you know certain birds, you start to realise they are more common than you realise. Sound plays a big part of that, and this week’s star is a bird that, once you know it’s call, you will hear everywhere. … Continue reading

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Winter hangs on as spring arrives in the garden

It’s an interesting time in the garden at the moment. The winter visitors are hanging on, in fact at a peak recently, while the year-round residents are starting to move into Spring attitudes, including one very exciting development…

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The return of the Grebes

While the freezing over of the university lake largely drove off the Goosander, it has been compensated with the return of the Great-crested Grebes.

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Is it Spring yet?

Is it Spring yet? It’s never a straightforward question. Meteorologists broadly break the year up into four seasons, and Spring occupies the months of March-May. So on that basis, today is the first day of Spring. Another way of measuring … Continue reading

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A final few words on Northumberland

As this is my blog, I can do whatever I want. So I wanted to close with a few thoughts on the part of the world. It’s also an excuse to post a few images I had no other use … Continue reading

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Eider down, and up, and down again

Something that occasionally strikes me is how the habitats of different animals have changed over the 30-odd years I’ve been watching wildlife. There are obvious ones, like the urbanisation and recovery of Peregrine Falcons. But another is the way birds … Continue reading

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There is a season, tern, tern, tern…

Yesterday I had a brief sprint through some of the birds I spotted around Alnmouth. Today, I’m going to focus on a couple of species in particular. Terns have always been a favourite of mine, beautiful, elegant and graceful, yet … Continue reading

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A brief look at Alnmouth

I spent last weekend in Alnmouth, in part exploring the estuary of the river. This is the first of a few posts inspired by the trip. As the picture above shows, it’s a lovely little village that could be bracketed … Continue reading

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Migrant Spring skies

An established sign of spring is the first swallow. For me, this year, they came on 18 April. The first House Martins followed 10 May, and the first Swifts 13 May. While Swallows are the ‘traditional’ marker, it’s the visually-similar-but-not-related … Continue reading

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