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YWT North Cave Wetlands, October 2017

Finally we come to the third and final part of my posts from the trip earlier this month, which also encompassed Spurn and Kilnsea. At this point it was nearly a month ago, which is terrible on my part! Advertisements

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A Pochard update

After making them Bird of the Week I had a few messages asking how the agoraphobic Pochard was doing. So I went and checked on it.

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Surprising a magpie – Video

I’ve written in defence of magpies before, based in no little part on their intelligence. These two videos help illustrate that. Sort of.

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A snippet of a singing Robin (video)

Out walking the other lunchtime I came across a Robin singing from the top of a hedge. He seemed untroubled by my presence, far more bothered by another robin singing from a nearby tree. So I thought I’d video him.

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A calm and quiet blackbird

I grabbed this quick snippet of video on Monday, after investigating some very low yet complex bird sounds. See what you think.

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When territories collide – Video of Grebes and a Coot

Adult birds have their territories, and generally understand this. But young birds have to learn as this video shows: The Coots are actually nesting nearby, but the baby Great Crested Grebe isn’t aware of this and strays into trouble with … Continue reading

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Wild birds and tame birds (with Treecreeper video)

When I was younger I had my own rules for classifying wildlife, in addition to all the official ways detailed in my books. I’ll give you an example. The birds I saw in common human-dominated places like gardens, parks, picnic … Continue reading

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Video – Pied Wagtails making their presence felt

We often talk about ‘birdwatching’, but this isn’t the only way to spot birds. This year I’ve been on a bit of mission talking about listening as much as looking, and I’ve had another great illustration of that this week. … Continue reading

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