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Sunday Starling Service

At the moment the most numerous birds in the garden are Goldfinches, Wood Pigeons, and Starlings. I’ve noticed something interesting with the latter. Advertisements

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Thornwick Bay Oystercatchers

I’ve been spending a bit of time in Flamborough recently, but with little time to really enjoy the wildlife. So, with a spare half hour yesterday, I thought I’d see what was around Thornwick Bay.

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RSPB Middleton Lakes

Last week we had a trip to RSPB’s Middleton Lakes reserve near Birmingham. It’s a pleasant place to spend some time, but delivered one genuine surprise that defied the birdbooks.

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Missed opportunities

A few recent days out have again shown how foolish it is to ever say “I won’t bother with my camera”. It’s brilliant to be in the moment, but you can miss great opportunities that may not reappear. I’ve had … Continue reading

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Chaddesden Woods, August 2016

A day of elusive insects and amphibians in Derby last weekend, but there were some treats amongst the frustrations.

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Seals – They’ll have your arm off…

Back in June in my slightly abortive 30 Days Wild 2016 efforts, I took a bunch of photos of Grey Seals off the Cornish coast. I was meaning to get round to posting them, and a recent story about the … Continue reading

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30 Days Wild – Day 24 – North Cave Wetlands

With a day to myself after the horrors of the EU referendum, I decided on a trip to North Cave Wetlands, a site I’ve often passed and never yet visited. It didn’t disappoint, and yielded some of my favourite photos I’ve … Continue reading

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30 Days Wild – Day 16 – A rare water vole sighting

Since the floods that hit York over Christmas I have only once seen a water vole on our local river. A brief walk this evening yielded a very pleasant surprise…

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Lost at deep mid-thicket 8 May 2016

Sunday was a delightful day and a trip to the coast beckoned. This was a slight gamble as the East Coast had been virtually impassable due to a thick sea fret the day before. But fortunately there was nothing but some light … Continue reading

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Big Garden Birdwatch – 2016 results – A bumper bird bonanza!

Before we start with the results, a couple of important confessions. Firstly, most of the photos you will see here were not taken during the actual birdwatch. As you may know, I had planned on using a remote camera trained … Continue reading

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