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A complete Heslington Lake stock-check

Last week I took a longer-than-usual walk round my lunchtime patch, with the aim of logging all the birds I saw in much greater detail. It was very instructive.

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Guest Blog – An update on the Black Swan

There was a lot of interest when I wrote about the Black Swan the other day, with people via the blog, Twitter and Facebook all saying what a sad story it was an how they hoped for some good news. … Continue reading

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Monday Bird of the Week No.29 – Pied Wagtail

Today’s bird of the week is one of the regular stars of this blog, a bird now rightly celebrated for their winter roost behaviour. It is, of course, the Pied Wagtail.

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The local patch in December

The garden has been pretty busy, but broadly speaking it seems to be pretty quiet round New Earswick and up the river.

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The world’s least subtle hunting technique

Many birds of prey are master hunters, capable of deploying speed, stealth and agility in a lethal combination that spells death for smaller birds and mammals. And then there’s this guy…

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Pied Wagtails – Watch with your ears, not your eyes

It occurs to me that ‘birdwatching’ is a bit of a misnomer. Because only one part of the experience is visual. The audio is at least as important, and there are good birdwatchers who are blind. They hear all they … Continue reading

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30 Days Wild – Day 16 – A rare water vole sighting

Since the floods that hit York over Christmas I have only once seen a water vole on our local river. A brief walk this evening yielded a very pleasant surprise…

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The sights and sounds of an English wood, New Earswick May 2016

Yesterday I featured a video on the sounds of the woodland. Today I want to delve into what sort of things were filling that wood with sound.

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Big Garden Birdwatch – 2016 results – A bumper bird bonanza!

Before we start with the results, a couple of important confessions. Firstly, most of the photos you will see here were not taken during the actual birdwatch. As you may know, I had planned on using a remote camera trained … Continue reading

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Always read the instructions first… preparing for the Big Garden Birdwatch

So this weekend is the Big Garden Birdwatch, and as always I’m waiting to see whether the weather produces a bonanza or a damp squib. I decided to try something different this year, which is to photograph the birds that … Continue reading

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