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All good things…

They say that ‘all good things must come to an end’. Today that applies, as this will bring to an end the sage of the late nesting Great Crested Grebes? But is it a happy ending? Advertisements

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Mushroom wars, and grebe calisthenics

Last week I mentioned the moorhen was going a little bit crazy for the mushrooms on offer around the campus. It has since broken out into all out war.

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Mushroom-mad Moorhen

Walking across campus yesterday I spotted a sizable ring of fungi growing around one of the trees. But there with it, feasting on the mushrooms, was a Moorhen.

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Great Crested Grebes – Fighting back

Last week I said I was concerned as the grebe chick was getting mobbed badly by the gulls, and this put it at risk. This week, it has started fighting back.

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Hawfinches at the Yorkshire Arboretum

With reports of as many as 60 Hawfinches at Yorkshire Arboretum near Castle Howard, it was inevitable what I would do on Sunday. With such striking birds less than 15 miles away, it doesn’t count as twitching.

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A week of surprises around Heslington West

It’s easy to think, after four years watching one site, that there are no more surprises left. But that’s just never the case. Just this year we have had the Pochard invasion, and the late-breeding Grebes. This week added another … Continue reading

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Apocalyptic suns, churchyard bears, and tame deer

While the whole world wondered if the world was ending, we were walking to an old Cumbrian church under Ophelia’s induced red sun.

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YWT North Cave Wetlands, October 2017

Finally we come to the third and final part of my posts from the trip earlier this month, which also encompassed Spurn and Kilnsea. At this point it was nearly a month ago, which is terrible on my part!

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The weekly Grebe update

It has been a dramatic few days in the world of the grebes, at least from my perspective as an observer. But have they hung on another week?

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YWT Kilnsea Wetlands and an ironic grebe

Sorry for the delay, this visit actually took place the 5th and 6th of the month but goes up a fortnight down the line. Still, better late than never.

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